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About the Campaign

Our Mission: To fill in the gaps in sex education by opening up the conversation about sex. We want to use our knowledge about pleasure and sex to empower others and counteract the negative effects of continued and deep rooted gender inequality, societies shame around expressive sexuality and widespread access to hardcore pornography. We want to create an egalitarian society when it comes to pleasure.

A message from campaign co-founder Sophie Holloway:

“This campaign gives us the opportunity to get some basic principles laid down hopefully right at the beginning of  people’s sexual journeys. We don’t believe all porn is bad but it’s certainly not how you should be learning about sex. Ignoring problems won’t make them go away, you have to be the antidote. Ladies Come First is going to empower people to have better sex, and who doesn’t want better sex?”


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Our Story

We want to break down the pleasure taboo and provide relevant information and education when it comes to sex. We are living in a new world with the internet providing us with a wealth of knowledge and possibilities for connection. When it comes to pleasure especially from the female perspective there is much to discuss. Statistics like only a third of women are experiencing orgasm during sex and the cultural understanding of sex being penetrative penis in vagina sex, are some of the many issues we seek to address. We believe in an egalitarian society when it comes to pleasure and that everyone has the right to a fulfilled, happy sex life, built on foundations of love, intimacy and trust. Thank you for joining us on this journey we really wouldn't be here without your wonderful love and support.

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Sophie Holloway, Founder of Ladies Come First

Sophie Holloway, Founder of Ladies Come First